Accelerated Wellness Therapy and Coaching  

High Impact Solution Focused Strategies With Accelerated Transformational Results For 

Athletes And High Achieving Executive Clients


Sudon Daigle

International RTT Therapist, High Performance Mindset Coach,   

Motivational Speaker and Author

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Sudon offers the fastest treatment and results available for psychological trauma and performance based blocks by utilizing custom designed high impact neuroscientific solution focused strategies. Clients are successfully treated within only 3 sessions.

Her passion and expertise is working with athletes and high achieving focused executive clients. She has developed individualized and team based programs combining therapy and high performance mindset coaching which offer accelerated results unlike any other program.

She is described as being the best kept secret in the executive and sports world.

Sessions Are Available Online And In Person. 

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High Performance Success Coaching Services

As an International High Performance Mindset coach; Sudon offers individualized and custom designed outside of the box approaches and modalities which are a credit to her success. Her main passion and focus is working with professional athletes and high achieving focused clients.  She  also specializes in issues around anxiety/depression, self-esteem, weight management and life purpose.

Rapi​d Transformational Therapy™ Services

Sudon is a professional RTT™ therapist who has been directly trained by Marisa Peer (developer of RTT™) and is  also a certified Master Hypnotherapist. RTT™ is an accelerated hybrid therapy which offers fast and permanent results. This therapy combines cognitive and behavioral psychology, neuroplasticity, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, and neurolinguistics programming. This incredible process will  quickly define the root cause of your issue, reframe your brain's understanding of the events, ideas, concepts and emotions around the issue in order to remove blocks and then permanently treats the issue. Clients only need 1 -3 Sessions to successfully and permanently be treated.

Motivational Seminars and Strategic Group Development Services

If you are looking to be motivated, inspired and want to learn; Sudon offers seminars and sessions which focus on a team's or corporation's individualized needs for both management and players/ employees. Sudon takes the time to offer a free consultation in order to develop the exact strategies, focus and goals which need to be incorporated into the vision of the business. She combines several original approaches and modalities and offers a high level professional experience in a very authentic and approachable way

NEW BOOK: THREE WORDS TO LIVE BY: Empowering and Mindful Lessons To Living A Purposeful Life.

This book was written from a place of self exploration with the intent of simply trying to make sense of life. Each bitesize lesson offers the opportunity for the reader to explore their own definition of success, happiness and purpose. This book is about awakening the truth of who you are, where you are now in life and where you want to go!

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