Accelerated Wellness Therapy and Coaching 


Sudon Daigle

RTT Therapist, High Performance Mindset Coach, Axiology Practitioner,

Motivational Speaker and Author

Sudon is passionate and purpose driven in creating meaningful and positive relationships with her clients. She authentically invests in their successes by playing full out in serving them with custom designed programs to meet their individualized needs and goes beyond meeting their end game goals. Sudon offers individualized services and group based programs which provide  fast, impactful and solution focused results so clients can excel in mastering their inner game at an accelerated level!  

Sudon effectively treats trauma and performance based psychological blocks within the first session.  She quickly uncovers the root, cause and underlying reason for limiting beliefs and blocks. Most clients only need up to three sessions in order to achieve permanent, accelerated and transformative results.

Her main focus and expertise is working with athletes and high achieving focused executive clients but is also experienced in areas of anxiety, depression and trauma related issues. Her services and programs combine therapies, high performance mindset coaching, scientific based modalities, strategic blueprint programs and individualized targeted axiology assessments offering unbiased qualitative and quantitative information resulting in accelerated successful outcomes unlike any other program.


Sudon is a registered member of the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists, certified Master Hypnotherapist,  holds a diploma in Sports Psychology,  RTT Therapist, Degree in Psychology, Certified High Performance Mindset Coach, Motivational Speaker, Certified Axiology Practitioner and Author.

She is described as being the best kept secret in the executive and sports world.

Programs And Sessions Are Available Internationally.

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Sudon has put her over 20 years of training and experience into creating an elite and exclusive program which  0ffers extremely fast, high impact and transformative results. This program gives athletes an elite performance edge unlike any other.  It is very different than sports psychology, mindset coaching or therapy, as it combines numerous modalities into one program in order to offer incredible high performance and accelerated results.  She custom designs every program to integrate the specific needs of the team and directives of the coach  into the solution focused format.

(​Program details and outline are available upon request. )​

Program Delivers The Following And Much More:

* Aligns a players psychological mindset with their physiological performance.

* Increases Skills, Competencies and Abilities

* Exceeds Performance Plateaus

* Creates New Habits and Behavioural Patterns

* Permanently conquers Limiting Beliefs

* Aligns with the Specific Criteria Scouts Are Looking For In a Player

* Permanently Removes Negative Psychological Blocks

* Removes Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Self Doubt

* Allows Individual to Overcome Personal and Professional Obstacles

* Creates a Positive Team Culture Mindset 

Rapi​d Transformational Therapy™ Services

Sudon is a professional RTT™ therapist who has been directly trained by Marisa Peer (developer of RTT™) and is  also a certified Master Hypnotherapist. RTT™ is an accelerated hybrid therapy which offers fast and permanent results. Clients are permanently treated within weeks instead of years. 

This therapy expedites the therapy process as it combines cognitive and behavioral psychology, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, and neurolinguistics programming all together. This incredible process will  quickly define the root cause of your issue in the very first treatment, reframe your brain's understanding of the events, ideas, concepts and emotions around the issue in order to remove blocks and then permanently treats the issue. 

An individualized Motivational Reset Program recording is available with this treatment. Clients only need 1 -3 Sessions to successfully and permanently be treated. Sudon has had a 100% success rate with her clients.

Targeted Axiology Assessment Sessions

The Axiology Assessment is highly recommended for individuals looking to have a clearer understanding of themselves and for companies to utilize for employee review purposes, HR hiring processes and leadership assessment purposes for management.  Sports teams are utilizing these assessments to get an even better edge in understanding their players as there are targeted assessments for every sport to assess numerous aspects of a players skills, weaknesses and strengths.

Su​don is a certified Axiology Practitioner.  The assessments she uses are the most accurate and targeted axiology assessments available. They are scientific, statistical and unbiased in their measurements of an individual's way of thinking. They serve as an excellent means in offering a very accurate and precise picture of an individual's understanding of themselves, their talents, a clear and accurate measurement of their strengths and weaknesses, how they view their  professional and personal roles, their capacities, how they think and value themselves and others, their relationships, their work, their personal and professional skills, abilities etc.  Sudon offers detailed feedback through a debriefing sessions. 

It is a powerful tool in that it gives a very clear and honest picture of where an individual is in their life. This opens the opportunity to discuss their strengths and weaknesses in order to develop a strategic and impactful game plan. Sudon utilizes the results to create customized high performance strategic blueprints in order for clients to reach their ultimate performance goals.

She assists executive HR teams and Sports teams in incorporating these assessments into their programs. 

Motivational Individualized and Group Coaching Sessions and Strategic Group Development Services For Corporations.

If you are looking to be motivated, inspired and want a concrete strategically developed blueprint plan to get your employees to want to get into action this is it! Sudon offers seminars and sessions which focus on an individual, team's or corporation's individualized needs. Sudon offers very specialized consultation/ assessments in order to develop the exact strategies, focus and goals which need to be incorporated into the vision of the individual, team and business. She combines several original approaches and modalities which make it easy for clients to put into action immediately. Sudon offers a high level professional experience in a very authentic and approachable way clients experience fast 


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"Sudon is the most understanding, kind and non-judgmental person I have ever met. She is very professional and makes you feel comfortable the minute you meet her. You can tell she really cares about helping you and wants to help you. She has completely changed my life both professionally and personally.  My confidence and focus in how I play hockey and feel in general has completely changed on so many levels. I feel awesome!


"Received a great RTT session! After my session it really got me thinking more positively and helped change my thought patterns."


"I did the sports program Sudon offers. She completely changed my career as a hockey player. I went from not feeling like I could play as well as the other players on the team to leading the team in scoring for the season. I got drafted to the Major Junior Hockey League! Thanks Sudon! There is no one else like you out there. You are hockey's best kept secret!"


" I had a RTT session with Sudon and it was a game changer! have felt so much better and more empowered with the issue I went to her for. After first hand experience with the benefits of RTT, I highly recommend Sudon!"


"Sudon has helped me see and overcome issues from their root causes that laid dormant until she seemed to magically expose them. She guided me to let them go and aided in the transformation process of the new, lighter & more clear me.  She went beyond my expectations and has my utmost respect. It is truly life changing work that everyone needs to endure if they want to enhance their life and well-being."


Sudon permanently treated me for addiction issues  within only 3 sessions.  I was a bit skeptical as I had been in therapy for several years without results.  I feel healthier than I have ever felt.  I am motivated and focused.  I haven't touched drugs or alcohol since my second session. Sudon is non-judging, really listens and cares about her clients.  Thank you for changing my life Sudon! 


I did 1 session with Sudon and she helped me in an unbelievable way. I instantly recommended this to multiple friends. It helped open my eyes and realize what was really going on in my mind. Thank you!!


Sudon gave me back my life! I was at the lowest point of my life and did the 12 week program.  In that time I got my confidence back, permanently quit drinking and smoking and redefined my goals and identity. I am so forever grateful! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Sudon!!